Ted Lange, author of 23 plays gives a voice to these relatively unknown Black Americans.  Lange, a prolific actor of stage and screen, director and author, is a graduate of London’s Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts and recipient of the NAACP Renaissance Man Theatre Award.  Lange’s play, Four Queens-No Trump, won NAACP Best Play and in 1997 Lange received the award for outstanding directing from Drama-Logue. Lange, while most recognized for his character, Isaac, on the television classic Love Boat, recently hit the reality TV genre running and physically transformed his body on Celebrity Fit Club.

Researching, George Washington’s Boy, Lange traveled to Morristown, Philadelphia, and the slave quarters of Mount Vernon.  He collected 46 books, talked to curators, viewed numerous documentaries, and conducted internet searches to uncover the spirit of these Americans in the shadows.  In the background of John Trumbulls’s, George Washington, Lange discovered a documented portrait of Billy Lee, who witnessed the architects of the new American nation. An integral part of early history, the house slaves lived behind the scenes, combed their master’s hair, packed their mistresses clothes, and cooked food for the household. Lange moves them into the foreground and paints a story of their humanity. He brings vibrant color, humor, and life to their conversations and portrays their personal heartfelt struggles for freedom.