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  • First Baptist Church of PV 28 Moccasin Lane Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 USA (map)

We had a good turn out on Saturday, but this is a big show with lots of roles and we can use more students, especially boys!

Our directors will be casting the show this coming Saturday, September 14th.  The following information is to help your student prepare and know what to expect.

  • Each student was given the music from the show on CD, both with vocals and without. Please have your student listen and sing along to the music as much as possible to familiarize themselves with the show. The music without the vocals is the actual music the students will be performing to - we do not have live music at our performances.
  • Scripts have been distributed to most of the students and arrangements are being made to get scripts to those of you who don't have them yet. Please have your student review the script to become familiar with the show.
  • We do not do formal auditions in this program, but we do want to give those who are interested in a principal role an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. At the beginning of rehearsal on Saturday, September 14th, students may sign-up to try-out for the roles they are interested in.  This is optional - if a student doesn't want to try-out for any particular role, they will be assigned various parts and ensemble work. This is a big show and there is lots for everyone to do on stage. Our directors will make sure that everyone has a chance to shine and be challenged.
  • For those that wish to try-out for principal roles, they will work with our music director at the piano to learn a piece of the applicable song with other students who want to try-out for the same role. Once the students are familiar with the music, the director will have each student sing the music piece individually. Students do not have memorize the lyrics, they may use their scripts.
  • Students trying-out for principal roles may also be asked to read portions of the script. They do not need to memorize anything in advance, but they should do the reading in character.
  • A cast list will be sent by email to everyone prior to the next rehearsal along with instructions on what to prepare for at the upcoming rehearsal.