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MATTRESS Tech Rehearsal

  • Ridgecrest Intermediate School 28915 North Bay Road Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274 USA (map)

Tech Rehearsal Schedule: 

Monday - Thursday Call time is 5 - 8pm

  • Monday will be a dress rehearsal, but no hair and make-up;  full dress rehearsal with hair and make-up will begin on Tuesday.
  • Thursday - Professional photographer will be taking photos at rehearsal 

Performance Schedule:

Friday, July 19th: 6pm (performance starts at 7pm)

Saturday, July 20th: 6pm (performance starts at 7pm)

Sunday, July 21st: 2pm (performance starts at 3pm)


  • Bring "Secret Santa" gift to each rehearsal (the kids are going to vote if they want to continue  "secret santa" during the performances - TBD)
  • Have your child wear a leotard/cami and dance shorts for girls and Jockey shorts (or similar) for boys for modesty.
  • Bring assigned tights and/or shoes (see details about shoes and tights below).
  • Bring water for your child to drink
  • Have your child eat dinner before rehearsal; or, if you don't have time at home, your child may eat at as soon as he/she arrives at rehearsal and prior to putting on his/her costume.  Your child may not eat while wearing his/her costume.

Shoes & Tights Required:

Imaan, Kaitlyn, Kristin, Jade, Sara Amintat - Black ballet shoes (or plain black ballet style flats) and white tights

Sarah Adams - Pink ballet shoes and white tights

Ben, Cade & Ryan - Black jazz shoes (tights are provided with costume).

Hallie - Nude shoes and tights

Ava, Kayla & Kate - Black tights and shoes

Haley - Black flats (tights are provided with costume).

Hair & Make-Up:

Boys - Natural hair and make-up to keep face from looking washed-out on stage. Maybe a little nude foundation, eyeliner, mascara.....face should look natural but enhanced for stage.

Girls - Hair will be braided by our student intern, JoAnne Leon, who is masterful at creating beautiful french braids.  Make-up should be applied to enhance features on stage without looking overdone.  Foundation, blush, a little lipstick, eyeshadow to blend with costume colors if desired, eyeliner and mascara.

"Secret Santa" Gift Exchange

To add a little extra fun to our last week together and to facilitate team-building and camaraderie,  our director, Larry, started a "Secret Santa" gift exchange with the kids.  At last Wednesday's rehearsal, each cast member drew the name of their recipient.  Here are the rules:

At each rehearsal, starting with Monday, July 15th, and each Tech Rehearsal thereafter (Monday - Thursday), each cast member (aka secret santa) is to bring a small gift, wrapped and labeled with the recipient's name.  The value of the gift should be $1.00 or less - something as simple as a candy bar or fun item from the $99 cent store; or, even something homemade (drawing, cookie, etc.).  

In total, that would be five small gifts for you child to bring, wrapped and labeled with the recipient's name - one to give out at each rehearsal.

Questions? Call (424) 262-9722.

Earlier Event: July 16
Later Event: July 17